At 4TH & INCHES SPORTS PERFORMANCE, LLC. our speed, strength & conditioning internship will dramatically improve your skills as a coach. All of our internships allow hands – on coaching with up to 30+ athletes per day. Our internship is a real life, learn by doing experience. We are seeking four (4)  interns for the SPRING 2015 Semester. The internship is UNPAID will last 2-3 months and will apply towards college credits.
The Ideal candidate will be seeking to work with athletes ranging from beginner,  youth to NFL Athletes. We train between 20-35 Combine athletes and 20-30 NFL Athletes annually.
– Junior Coursework (minimum) or Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science or a related field.
– Strong Communication skills.
– Exceedingly high motivation and charismatic energy level.
– Strong organizational and time management skills.
– Strong people skills, adaptability, and the ability to manage and be proactive in a fast pace environment.
– Strong focus on customer service.
– FMS (functional movement screen) certification / experience strongly preferred.
Continues education through learning and providing the following principles of strength and conditioning according to 4ISP Guidelines:
– Dynamic Warm-up and Flexibility Drills.
– Muscular Imbalance and Range of Motion (ROM) evaluation.
– Core Stabilization and Strength techniques.
– Plyometric Training.
– Anaerobic and Aerobic Conditioning.
– Agility Training (multi-directional)
– Strength Training.
– Speed Development (linear and lateral)
– Strength and Conditioning Program Design.
Provide instruction and further develops functional skills related to training groups according to 4ISP guidelines under supervision of an 4ISP elite performance coach:
– Provides individual and small group training.
– Learn, demonstrate, and coach proper exercise technique.
– Provides a safe training environment for all clients.
– Maintains control and discipline of training groups at all times.
– Completes each athlete’s training program and accurately update results.
– Represents 4ISP in a professional manner.
– Assists in community outreach programs.
Develop professional skills related to business management and organization according to 4ISP Guidelines:
– Organization and filing of clients’ private records.
– Checking in clients.
– Front desk organization and operations.
– Assist in the development of all local and national marketing.
– Facility safety inspections and equipment maintenance.
– Selling and making post-workout shakes and dispersing supplements.
Please send a resume and cover letter to INTERNSHIP@4TH-AND-INCHES.COM with the subject heading of the internship session you wish to apply for.


Spring 2017 Interns: 1/5/17 – 4/25/17        DEADLINE TO APPLY: 12/15/16

Summer 2017 Interns: 6/2/17 – 9/7/17      DEADLINE TO APPLY: 05/30/17

Fall 2017 Interns: 9/8/17 – 12/25/17          DEADLINE TO APPLY: 08/25/17