Our summer Collegiate program is on a four day a week schedule and is designed to emulate our NFL OFF-SEASON PROGRAM.  Our college players work through the same rigorous training protocols that professional athletes go through, producing tremendous results!

We focus on sport-specific movements, building strength, speed and power and improving overall agility. Time is also spent out on the field teaching the athletes how to transition what they learn in the weight room to the field, to equal increased production.

We will contact your future strength coach at your school in an effort to come to an accord with your collegiate athletic coaches.  From that conversation, a program will be designed for you and fully prepare you for college athletics program.

College Prep Programs

This program was developed because very few incoming freshman have any idea what is expected from their collegiate strength coaches. Lifting techniques, college workload differs QUITE a bit from high school and often leave incoming freshman frustrated due to a lack of proper preparation.

Instilling proper training habits and lifting technique is the major goal of this program. If you’re on your way to play college football, you better come here first!


Groups:                       10 athletes maximum per coach

Frequency:                   2 – 4 times per week

Program  Duration:       4, 8 & 12 week programs

Session length:            1.5 hours