The 4ISPEED Program is open to all sports and WILL IMPROVE every athlete’s ability to win.

Want to IMPROVE YOUR TOP END SPEED? Look no further than the 4ISPEED Program and the Woodway ELG Over-Speed Treadmill!

The 4ISPEED program and the state of the art equipment are EXCELLENT for all athletes to develop:

  • Linear/Lateral Speed & Explosiveness.
  • Agility and Change of Direction.
  • Explosive Quickness and Foot Speed.
  • Energy System (Anaerobic) Training
  • Sprint Mechanics, Balance, and Body Control.

The 4ISPEED Program is built on FOUR essential training components:

  • Over-Speed Treadmill Sprint Training.
  • Proper Running Mechanics.
  • Plyometric Training.
  • Lower Body Weight Training.

Speed Program Highlights:

  • The WOODWAY ELG is the FASTEST, BIGGEST and the BADDEST treadmill on the planet! The WoodWay ELG tops out at 25 mph and 35% of elevation! We have the capabilities to push even the most advanced athletes to the limit.
  • Plyometrics, designed to improve the athletes power, overall quickness, coordination, core-stability and awareness of body position through multi-directional exercises.
  • Strength training with our specially designed weight equipment and  individualized program, allows  athletes to develop and increase their overall strength base.
The combination of these training modalities, and our Ground Based programing along with our ALL PRO staff, will provide a truly ONE OF A KIND training environment that cannot be matched!

Typical results achieved by 4ISPEED athletes:

  • 0.2 – 0.4 second REDUCTION in 40 yard dash times.
  • 3 – 9 inches INCREASED vertical jump height.
  • 5 – 8 inches INCREASED standing broad jump distance.
  • 50% GAINS in peak force and power output.
  • INCREASED foot speed, stride length and frequency.

Just one 4ISPEED training program, composed of 4-24 sessions, scheduled over four to eight week period, provides measurable improvement in sprint speed, multi-directional speed for faster acceleration, explosive power, dynamic stability and active recovery. 4ISP trained athletes are able to play at game speed for a longer period of time than athletes from other programs.