Noel Scarlett

Director of Football Development / Performance,  Defensive Line / Pass Rush / Offensive Line Coach, ELITE Sports Performance Coach, USAW

4isp staffOriginally from Fort Lauderdale Florida, after attending Langston University and being drafted in the 7th round by the Minnesota Vikings. Noel spent 3 years in the NFL. During the off-season spent a lot of time In the gym and on the field. It was then a natural transition to becoming a strength coach to tutor athletes. Noel has spent the last 12 years in the private sector as a strength & conditioning coach for lineman and linebackers, preparing 60+ athletes for the NFL COMBINE and individual PRO DAYS.

While consulting for the staff of high school defensive line and strength coaches, He has earned a reputation for developing talent. Was known as an intense, relentless player, he tries to instill in each of his players a part of himself, the desire to dominate not only at the POINT OF ATTACK, but the entire game.

Noel has long tried to change the perception of defensive lineman, “big, fat guys who can only play two downs”. He believes the art of teaching the technique is being lost because of the “anyone can teach the position ideology.” His belief in the techniques he had learned as an NFL lineman coupled with knowledge learned as a strength coach, make him the perfect choice for young lineman looking to become bigger, stronger and technically sound to play and dominate the position.